CWOSSA badminton finals were last week at Conestoga College, and WCI and Southwood proved to be tough competition for schools across central western Ontario.

Placing second and third in the overall team points results for the junior category, WCI and Southwood finished with a total of 32 points (WCI) and 23 points (SSS).

In the senior category, WCI placed first in the team results with 45 points, and the SJAM Highlanders tied for third with WHCS and CCVI, all with a total of 21 points.

In junior boys’ singles, WCI’s Ben Tan finished in first place, and Danica Deverill came in second for junior girls’ singles.

Southwood’s Andrew and Josh Legare won gold for junior boys’ doubles while Andrew Rolands and Victoria Nghiem took silver for junior mixed doubles.

WCI dominated the senior boys’ doubles category with Justin Li and Sam Lai finishing in first and Scott Parker and Rylan Ledgely placing second. Aleema Tahir and Stephanie Huang (PHS) took first place for the senior girls’ doubles category.

Victoria Duong (FHCI) and David Park (SJAM) placed first and second in the senior girls’ and boys’ singles. This is Victoria’s fourth CWOSSA gold and she will be heading to OFSAA next week along with her other senior qualifiers.

OFSAA championships will take place May 5-7th in North Bay, Ontario.

By Gabby Crowley