Last week saw the 2016 WCSSAA badminton championships where WRDSB schools fought to claim the top prize and advance to CWOSSA. Junior championships took place on Tuesday, April 5th and seniors on Wednesday, April 6th at Conestoga college while the finals were held at Huron Heights on Thursday evening.

WCI is known for their badminton players, having won the WCSSAA championships with overall school points the past six years in a row, and last week they made it seven. Aside from many individual athletes and duos placing in top three, the Vikings took first place in the overall school standings—junior and senior—with a total of 159 points.

An impressive day for WCI as students Andrew Rolands and Victoria Nghiem placed first in the Junior Mixed Doubles, as well as Justin Li and Sam Lai winning Senior Boys’ doubles and Ben Tan winning the Junior Boys’ singles.

Preston also proved themselves to be difficult contenders. Danica Deverill won gold in the Junior Girls’ Singles, and Aleema Tahir and Stephanie Huang finished in first in the Senior Girls’ Doubles.

Forest Heights’s Victoria Duong kept up her winning streak as she took first place once again in the Senior Girls’ Singles. Victoria not only has a record of victory at WCSSAA, but has finished first at both WCSSAA and CWOSSAA every year of her high school sports career.

Waterloo Oxford’s Jacob Flood and Katherine Gerber, and Kurt Beswick and Jenny Kip placed first and third in the Senior mixed doubles. Grandon Gascho and Ayden Nafzinger won silver for Senior Boys’ Doubles. Megan Byer and Taylor Carey took home bronze in the Junior Girls’ Doubles, and overall Waterloo-Oxford finished second in the overall school standings with exactly 100 points.

The Senior Boys’ singles champion was David Park from Sir John A. MacDonald. Andrew and Josh Legare from Southwood Secondary School placed first in the Junior Boys’ Doubles, and Meghan DiGravio and Paige Carmichael (Grand River) won the Junior Girls’ Doubles.

Congratulations to all athletes and coaches! CWOSSA Badminton will take place April 20th and 21st at Conestoga College. More information available at

By Gabby Crowley