The end of the school year is just weeks away, and the spring sports season is heading into WCSSAA playoffs. Summer is coming and with it, unfortunately, saying goodbye to some incredible coaches who will be leaving, or have already left, for their retirement.

The Preston Panthers will lose two incredible coaches this year, both from their football program, including Jim Crone who has been teaching for 32 years at Preston, since 1984.

Known for coaching the senior boys’ football team, and playing football himself for York University, he has also coached track, hockey and the junior girls’ volleyball team, who competed at and won CWOSSA this year in February.

Shortly after being named head football coach, he led the senior Preston Panthers to their first WCSSAA football victory in 2002 and again in 2003 and 2006.

In preparation for his retirement, he passed on the title of head coach to fellow staff member Adrian Houwer and took up the position of the team’s offensive coordinator.

Crone left for his retirement at the end of March with a newly won CWOSSA volleyball championship, leaving behind an incredible coaching legacy and big shoes to fill.

By Gabby Crowley