Nick Pflug, a fifth year student and member of the KCI swim team, is no stranger to the all Ontario school sports championships known as OFSAA, having competed and placed in the top ten twice before. In 2014, Nick landed 4th place in the men’s age 15 and over 50m freestyle, and just last year he finished 8th in the men’s 15 and over 200m freestyle.

Just two weeks ago the KCI swimmer came away with a clean sweep at CWOSSA, winning first place in all three of his events: 50m, 100m, and 200m freestyle. He also helped lead the KCI relay team to a bronze with a strong finish as the anchor. This week, March 8th-9th, Nick will move on to OFSAA once again, this time in Windsor.

Nick first started swimming around the time of the 2000 summer Olympics in Sydney. “My mom and I watched them together. I remember watching the swimmer Ian Thorpe win the gold medal and thinking ‘I want to do that.’” Not long after, Nick joined the Rowe Swim club where he trained for several years before deciding to take a break. “When I came to KCI and found out there was a swim team it was perfect.”

When I asked Nick what his goals were for OFSAA this year he told me, “I’m hoping to medal, especially with this being my last year.” As a fifth year student, this will be Nick’s final year of high school swimming. “It’s tough,” he admitted. “There are university teams, but still. I have such great team members and it will be hard to say goodbye.”

While this will be his last year competing with KCI, Nick does have plans to continue swimming in the future. Earlier in the fall he received an offer from Laurier University. Although he is planning to take a year off before university, he says that if the offer still stands he would gladly consider joining the Golden Hawks in 2017.

As OFSAA draws in athletes from all across Ontario, it brings with it some stiff competition and training leading up to the event is intense. “Right now I’m really training whenever I can. I’m a lifeguard, so I’m in the water at work, too, which helps a lot.” As for nerves, Nick says that listening to music is an important part of his pre-race routine, whether to keep calm and relaxed or get pumped up and ready to go.

In Windsor, Nick will be competing in the 50m and the 100m freestyle. “I wouldn’t say the 50m is my favourite, necessarily, but it’s the one I’ve always competed in since I was a kid, so it’s interesting to see where I started and how far I’ve come since then.”

OFSAA swimming will take place March 8th-9th at the Windsor International Aquatic Centre. Details available online.

By Gabby Crowley
OFSAA swimming will take place March 8th-9th at the Windsor International Aquatic Centre.